I had to readjust my directions this morning from the Ambassador Bridge to the tunnel since that’s where my hotel was. Not really a big deal except a combination of navigating on a small Blackberry screen, misunderstanding some initial directions from the hotel clerk, being navigationally challenged, and only being slightly awake led to me not getting that Tecumseh Ave did not start in town; rather, it comes into town from one end and goes out another end.

I followed it out the wrong end.

That wee little mistake cost me 15 km. I guess my ETA is now 7 a.m.

I did eventually get on track of course and have enjoyed a nice afternoon out in the country. The wind has been tough though; the area is full of wind farms for a reason. It’s mostly potato country so there’s little protection. Corn fields became my best friend because at least they offer more of a wind break.

Having a break in Chatham. Then it’s off to London. 100 km which I’m hoping to do in 4 hours with a, hopefully, more favourable wind.

Thank you to everyone who has sent words of encouragement through the Blog and Facebook and the United Way site. It means a lot!

I think I “only” have about 285 km to go! Woo-hoo!

Cheers, Albert

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About lonepiraterides

An adventurous spirit, passionate about cycling, traveling, camping and the outdoors - especially when I can combine all of them. I work in social housing - work which brings me rewards every day.
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